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Music video for ‘Gorb’

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Stream ‘Abide’

Abide by Tear Them Down

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Tear Them Down Abide!

BOOM!!! It´s finally time for us to share with you guys the first single of our brand new EP “Abide”! We are happy to work with Morning Wood Records [NL] and Backbite Records [DE] along side our own label Plunk … Continue reading

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New EP recorded!

Hey Ho punk rock fans! We locked ourselves in the studio this previous weekend. Four days, five songs, and an unknown number of beers later, we are now done recording. Stay tuned for this upcoming release! Cheers!

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New album review

Monday is my favourite time of year… Bjorn from did a nice review of our album, be sure to check it out! Read the review here! Cheers! /Gorb

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