2013 is here baby!

With that we leave a hectic 2012 behind us. The highlights of course being two European tours that got us through a big chunk of eastern Europe and well over 10 000km behind the wheels.

Last year we promised you guys a full length, at least you got one new song – this year we will try harder and it´s our biggest goal to hit the studio this spring. We got a lot of good pre prods and we are really excited to bring some more music to the scene!

And what is a new year post without some kind of best of 2012 list:

Best Show:
Show in Kovrov for sure – hope to see you guys again!

Longest drive:

Ostrava to Gothenburg… 1268km… geez

Best food:

Halloumi döners in Berlin, holy shit that was good.

Best Booze:

Vodka time!

Best Interaction with Cops

Gorb got pulled over for crossing a white line deep in Russia. They wanted to take his driver license but the one and amazing promoter / super hero Ilya made them think 2000 rubels (50 €) was a better deal.

Best Traffic Jam:

Middle of the night in the outskirts of Moscow, five lanes become one. Four hours we´ll never get back. Distance traveled? Maybe 2km

Best weird shit:

Russians don´t fuck around with dill. Put some more dill in that bro

Don´t forget to check out our tour videos we made, one more left – hopefully Gorb will be finished editing that one soon! Also let us now what you think about our new song “Nothing”.

Also a big thank you to all the bands we played with, the promoters that booked us, everybody that provided a place to sleep and of course all of you who support us by listening to our music and coming to the shows. You guys rock!

Cheers to a great 2013!

Video for My Revue:

Tear Them Down goes east…er tour video:

Listen to “Nothing” on Soundcloud:

All our songs on Spotify:

Listen to Tear Them Down on Spotify

See ya´ll in the pit!

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