Music is about sharing

As all of you know we have a tour coming up exploring new countries and meeting new people.

We want to make sure as many of you can have a listen to our tunes even if you don´t have facebook, spotify or doesn´t use myspace (cuz let´s face it who does that nowadays) so we decided to put up our entire EP for free download. This means you don´t have to be on the internet to rock out to our songs on your way school, work, party or whatever.

So here are links to all of our songs of our debut EP “This is a mutiny” released last year:

If you like what you hear, please support us by buying the EP or other merchendise at our shows, or ask your local record store to order it for you (it should be available for order in the whole of Europe). With your support we will be able to record more songs in the future.

Basic capitalism – if you like it enough to buy it even if you can get it for free, then everybody wins. If enough people actually buy it we will be able to keep giving you more without money being lost to people who´s job is to tell you what you should listen to.

So tell all your friends and hope to see you soon in your hometown.

Link for download:

Later punk rockers.

Tear Them Down

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