Touring is never boring part one.

So you want to have the full story of what a tour in Europe is all about for at least to this day pretty small punk band? Well here it is! A lot to take in so if anybody reads this and feels left out, sorry.

So I, Gorb, Maaran and Jonte met up on Monday morning to pack our awesome but very small car that would be our home for the next two weeks. Packing only what´s necessary in a backpack and all the gear we need is like the ultimate tetris game but we got it and after that of to Lübeck to meet up with the Phlegmatix.

We arrived about six at Czassi and Chris´s flat were we also met up Marcus, our dedicated merch guy/tour manager/full time beer drinker. Getting a good night sleep before another 8 hour ride the day after felt like a good plan, then we found six packs of beer for about 1,7 euros and well…

The next day another game of ultimate tetris was mastered by Klebo from the Phlegmatix packing a full backline plus packing into his van and we were off to the first stop – Decin in Czech Republic.

It was a perfect first show because we already been here once before and knew that it was  good food and cool people. There was quite a large crowd for being a Tuesday, at least by Swedish standards. We had a good show and it felt good that all the songs were pretty tight. One of my biggest memories though was that the other band we played with, Total Komplet from Israel, went totally crazy when Phlegmatix played their cover of Youth Brigade´s I hate my life.

Next day after we´re off to The Boss Bar in Podebrady, according to a pamphlet we found one of the hottest places in Czech and I´m not gonna argue with that. I don´t how hot it was when we arrived but it was impossible to even spend five straight minutes in the sun so we found a nice outdoor bar in the shadow and drank some cold pivo (beer in Czech). Before we went back to the venue we walked through a pretty awesome park in the town center and found a nice fountain were we took some pictures and Gorb got yelled at for going in it too far. This show started what kept on going that you can never experience in Sweden – we call it “The drunk beyond all belief guy rocking out”, always happy, always totally fucked up, always buys at least one CD and tries to sing along although he doesn´t know the songs. I say kudos to that and would like to thank all of them, we had at least one at every show during the rest of the tour. In Sweden they would just get thrown out but guess what – they never started any fight or got aggressive, that´s in a person´s general behavior, not how drunk you are. I´m guessing if you start I fight in that bar you won´t even get in if you´re sober ever again. This being done without bouncers.

Ok that was me rambling, the show went ok but it was one of the hardest I´ve ever done, and I think I speak for everyone in the band. It must have been at least 40 degrees on stage and very bad air, if you play punk rock you are always sweaty after a show but this was ridiculous. Aside from that it was good. They had some old school arcade games to have fun with after the show and I learned that Jaromir Jagr has the number 68 on his back to remind everybody about “the Prague spring” in 1968, at least to me that was pretty cool. Gorb also bonded with an old man who knew about two words in English.

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