Pre-order “Their Fault, Our Problem”!

Sweden and most of Europe! You can now pre-order “Their Fault, Our problem” to make sure you get your hands on it upon release on January 31st! The AWESOME artwork is made by Nicolei Martin Aagaard Rasmussen!

1. Bomb City
2. Over The Sea
3. Modern Times
4. Fight
5. 1986
6. Election
7. Small Town
8. Oh, The Irony
9. Im Dead
10. Punk Rock Love
11. Violence
12. Not Listening
13. Take It Out On Me
14. Our Time

Any record store in Sweden and most of Europe can get a hold of the album so if you want to support your local record shop we urge you to ask them to pre-order the album for you. But if you just want to relax at home, order through one of the oldest records shops in our home town Gothenburg “Bengans” through this link:

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