Tear them Down started out in 2010 in Göteborg, Sweden.
We got together with the intention of playing high energy punkrock with lyrics both inspired by the degenerating political situation around the world and our own hopes and beliefs.

Gig at Rockstuen in Odense, Denmark

Gig at Rockstuen in Odense, Denmark

2011 can be summarized in a released debut EP called “This is a Mutiny” and a first year with a total of 30 shows, including support shows for
Sick of It all and Blisterhead as well as a two week European tour co-headlined with the german band Phlegmatix as the biggest highlights.
2012 included two 10-day tours. The first one in April, when we took a trip through the baltic countries plus Poland, Germany and Denmark. Later on in June we hit the road again, this time going further east – visiting the great countries of Russia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

2013 was the year we spent on the recording of our debut full length album. We also got the chance to play support band for swedish oi-punk legends Perkele, and two shows with Bam Margera’s Fuckface Unstoppable.

2014 we started off by releasing the full length album, ‘Their Fault, Our Problem’ on Januray 31st. Following that we did two quick 10-days tours, one in April and one in September, through Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark. After that we locked ourselves in our rehearsal room and are currently writing new material for coming adventures..!

2015 began with the recording of our upcoming EP, “Ett Liv i Härlighet” that we released on 7″ vinyl on June 26th. This EP features four songs sung entirely in our native tounge, Swedish. Following this EP up, we did a quick hit ‘n run tour in September, visiting old and new friends in Denmark and Germany.

2016, we once again locked ourselves in the studio to record yet another EP. This time featuring five songs, back to english vocals. ‘Abide’ will be released on CD, 7″ vinyl, and digitally on October 14th through a collaboration between Morning Wood [NL], Backbite [DE] and our own Plunk Records. Apart from some gigs here in Sweden, we got some plans for November…

Tear Them Down in Czech Republic 2011

Tear them Down are:

Gorb – Guitar/vocals
Viktor – Guitar/vocals
Martin – Drums
Jonte – Bass/vocals
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“Jag vågar mig ändå på att kalla detta det vassaste jag hört i punkGöteborg på länge.
Tilläckligt välspelat för att funka på radio, tillräckligt skitigt för att du ska vilja kicka rumpa”


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